7 students in building doing water quality testing

Students learning the Science of Water Quality  Shout out to Docents Dianne and Bill Atkinson for helping make this a great day  

Lecturer in classroom setting with students looking on

Docent Beth Cobb discusses highlights of Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve

group of 15 students standing near river

Cal Naturalists group visits Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve

small turtle on rock

Western Pond Turtle sighting   photo by: David Newman

group of 15 students working with equipment in building

Water Quality Science and Learning

group of 25 students listening to lecture in open space

Pablo Bryant discussing Wildlife Crossing Challenges with students

group of 16 students working in open space

Students preparing for Water Quality Testing in the Santa Margarita River

Teacher in classroom instructing students with power point

Sandra Jacobson with Cal Trout discusses Steelhead trout challenges

group of 10 hiking through rocks

Students trekking along Santa Margarita River

four students working together in rocky open space

Students work as a group on water quality testing